Make hydrogen carbon-free for industrial projects and regional development

Let’s make your energy transition projects succeed. Hynamics offers a turnkey solution for the generation and distribution of hydrogen by electrolysis: it invests, manages and ensures the maintenance of facilities.

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Behind you Hynamics enables you to

Zero-emission mobility Enhance life quality in cities and rural areas qualité de vie sur vos territoireswith silent and carbon-free, hydrogen-powered transport: trains, buses, garbage trucks, waterway transport, etc.

Low-carbon industryProduce low-carbon hydrogen on-site for industrial processes in different sectors: agro-food industry, glass manufacturing, fertilizer manufacturing…

A partnership-based approachBuild collaborative projects using multi-purpose hydrogen, with the support of our expertise and that of EDF Group’s partners.

Did you know ? Carbon-free hydrogen via electrolysis

Most of today’s hydrogen production is carbon intensive: 95% of the total production uses fossil fuels. 10kg of CO2 are emitted to produce 1kg of hydrogen. Thanks to electrolysis, hydrogen can be produced without emitting CO2 when done with decarbonized electricity. In France, 96% of EDF’s electricity mix is carbon-free.

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For you Hynamics is committed to

Invest in generation assets

Build secure, long-lasting and efficient facilities

Oversee, manage, and ensure the maintenance of facilities 24h/24

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